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The project purpose is to contribute to the effective and efficient utilisation and management of the funds and projects implemented by the CFCU. The project budget is €1,991,000 with an EU contribution of €1,791,900 and a national contribution of €199.100.

The project envisages accomplishing its purpose through:

  • improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the CFCU business processes
  • ensuring the steady development of human resources
  • enhancing the CFCU institutional capacity to operate on the whole of the PCM steps in project management including programming and evaluation and
  • enhancing and systematizing the cooperation with the IPA stakeholders.

The activities to be performed to achieve these goals during the 30-month implementation period are categorized under the five components below:                  

  • Optimization of the CFCU Business Processes
  • Digitalisation of the Business Processes
  • Establishment of Technical Control Capacity
  • Development of Human Resource Management System
  • Development of Consultancy Capacity of the CFCU

 The Expected Project Outcomes

It is expected that the activities of this project as a whole will provide improvement in the process quality of the PCM and enhance the outcomes of the IPA projects both quantitative and qualitative manner in the direction of the objective of EU-TR financial cooperation. Specifically, the quantitative improvement is expected to be ensured via tackling the fund losses and backlog through decreasing the duration of contract (tender, grant, twinning) document preparation process, document rejection rates and cancellation rate of the contracting processes; and the qualitative improvement is expected to be ensured via tackling the quality losses through increasing the focus and sources on the quality of the contracts and contract implementation with the improvement of quantitative concerns. Thus, the projects funded by the EU-Turkey financial cooperation will be implemented more efficiently and effectively to improve the outcomes of the contract implementation, which would in return provide added value for Turkish and EU tax payers.

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