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Our Team


CFCU has a team of 162 people as of the end of 2021 and the average age is currently 34.8. 54% of our staff consists of women and 44% of the people in managerial positions are women. In addition, 25% of our employees have completed their postgraduate education.

We acknowledge and encourage the non-working pursuits of our employees as complementing the versatility of our employees in Our Unit. Many of our employees participated in the project management professional (PMP) training program, which is known and recognized all over the world, within the scope of the technical assistance project, of which Our Unit is the beneficiary; our friends who took the exam successfully got the certificate.

Our employees have many interests, from hobbies that reflect a strategic and objective approach, such as chess, to hobbies that support mental and physical health, such as football and yoga; from hobbies that reflect creativity such as voice-overs, painting, and amateur theater acting, to book writing. Our Staff’s continuous improvement and expertise in different disciplines are reflected in Our Unit’s improvement and adaptation to different situations.

Although the working area of Our Unit is in the Emek Campus of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Our Unit has a separate building used only by itself. Entries and exits to the building of Our Unit are made through an electronic card system, and people other than Our Unit employees cannot enter our working areas.


We protect the dignity and reliability of our employees by taking measures to break any judgment that may arise against the impartiality of our employees. Document register is done via a separate floor from the main personnel entrance. Because of this, all kinds of documents and tender offers are kept secure and are only transferred to the related employees. In addition, people from different institutions who are involved in the tender evaluation process as committee members; perform their duties in a room where only the documents related to the tender they are authorized are placed. Each committee member is authorized to enter the evaluation rooms only if their communication and electronic equipment are locked in cabinets where security measures are taken. Our evaluation rooms are also recorded 24/7 with security cameras for a possible violation of the rules.


The security of the information-processing infrastructure, which is one of the most basic requirements to ensure information security in the 21st century, is also a factor that is given importance and complied with by our Unit. Our servers are located in technical rooms in our working area. In this way, information is prevented from leaving the institution in any way.

Since 25.03.2011, IQNet and TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) certified that the CFCU has implemented and still maintains an "Information Security Management System (ISMS)" which fulfills the requirements of the "TS ISO / IEC 27001". The mentioned certificate is still maintained by Our Unit.