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About CFCU

CFCU was established by the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the EU Commission and the Turkish Government on 14th February 2002. In this memorandum, CFCU was designated with the sole responsibility over the all budgeting, tendering, contracting, payments accounting and financial reporting aspects of the procurement of the Services, Supplies, Works and Grants in the context of the EU funded programmes in Turkey.

The management of financial aid, which was transferred to Türkiye in the form of financial protocols, then loans and grants on a project basis, was carried out directly by the EU Commission through a “centralized” system in the first years. Within the process, amendments were made in the financial aid mechanism in line with the requirements of the enlargement policy; and a “decentralized” system was adopted in our country. As one of the most important actors of decentralized structuring, our Unit was accredited by the EU Commission in the entire field of its duties as of 2004. With this feature, The CFCU took its place as the first accredited institution among all Operating Structures responsible for the use of EU funds in our country.

Since 2003, CFCU continues its activities, within the framework of the Employment and Budget Principles Law No. 5671 published on 7 June 2007 and the Personnel Regulation regarding CFCU on 10 October 2007. The CFCU has been defined as the relevant Institution of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance with Presidential Circular No. 2018/1.

Since 25.03.2011, IQNet and TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) certified that the CFCU had implemented and still maintaining an "Information Security Management System (ISMS)" which fulfills the requirements of the "TS ISO / IEC 27001".

Our Functional Aspects

  • Overall budgeting, tendering, contracting, payments, accounting and financial reporting of all procurement in the context of the EU funded programmes,
  • Having an active part together with the beneficiary institution and the contractor in successful implementation of the EU funded projects,
  • Managing all contractual operations in the in the project implementation period,
  • Ensuring actual use of EU funds by carrying out tendering and contracting processes of the projects within the certain time frames,
  • Developing a specialized advisory training capacity and maintain the necessary documentation for this purpose.

Our Mission

To ensure efficient, effective, and transparent use of the EU Funds allocated to the Institution with an innovative and professional public management approach.

Our Vision

To be an institution that guides other organizations by making the best possible public benefit created by the funds transferred from national and international organizations.


  • PROFESSIONALISM: with competence and due diligence - For Excellence
  • TRANSPARENCY: with impartiality, accountability and visibility - For Trust
  • EFFICIENCY: with performance improvement and best solutions - For Quality
  • COMMITMENT: with dedication and responsibility - For Reliability
  • IMPACT: with making a difference - For Value


  1. Ensuring effective and efficient use of EU and other public funds by successful management of assigned programs and aiming to maximize the public value created
  2. Building capacity for efficient management of public investments by promoting a professional approach to project-based management
  3. Further engagement in other EU, national or international programs.